I often ask myself the essence of obtaining basic and secondary education, especially in a place like Nigeria. I imagine the effects of a failed generation on the next one. What is the importance of going to school without knowing what is being taught? Our education system is being crumbled by the people who are its custodians!

Our primary and secondary schools are breeding students who cannot defend the body of knowledge and the certificate which they possess. Solid educational background is supposed to be the target of every school administrator and the staff, but the reverse is the case. I have seen teachers who are irresponsive to the knowledge drive of their students and are failing to provide them with morals. Are we to talk about unqualified teachers in classrooms who cannot pass the examination of the class which they teach, or teachers who will come to school and not teach their students, or business teachers who are in for the money and would not help their student to know what they need to know, or teachers who would rather collect money to help students write the exams.

I believe that most students do not know exactly what they are doing, even though some claim they do. They now believe that life is not about studying, rather, it is about making money, becoming famous and riding on the wings of power.

Many school administrators have mixed up the place of hard work of the students with the image of their school. They want their school to be seen as a place where their students make all their papers in one sitting. They will go to any height to achieve this.

Many teachers are on their way to making more money from combining several jobs because the proceeds from the teaching job cannot meet their basic needs and those of their family. Proper gratification is not being given to teachers, thereby causing a low standard of living among teachers.

What price has the government and the people placed on education?

Do parents and establishment just see education or teaching as mere impacting a child with the result of 1 + 1 =?

Do parent question the potential of good education and doubt what the result of schooling after the long years would be?

How many parents are out there looking for a school where examination mal-practice is not practiced?

What in the world do parents care about their child as the leaders of the future?

What is your value of knowledge?

It is high time we put things straight and help every student know and understand the reason behind learning in school.

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